what will I do, today?

I don't like this time. Why?????
I don't know, but I don't like TODAY !!!

My modem ...... I must disconnect and then connect again to post something in my blog. And I can't upload some photos to my blog. Last time, I could uoload just one photo. So sad :'(
Modem, This is holiday. I just want to tell about my story in my blog. Please, can yaaa !!! huhuhuhu ..

ok, forgot that !!!
oh ya, I want to tell you that tomorrow I want to watch indonesian movie, that is SKUT (Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan). In reality, I don't know that I can or no. But I must watch that movie .. OK !!!

that's movie :)

this movie is adapt from a novel and this movie is true story, Keke (emm .. I haven't read that novel, but I know that novel)


  1. aku juga pengen nonton tapi sempet ga ya?

  2. nontonnya di rumah aja nis, lebih seru dirumah --> nonton sendiri pake headset :)