Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Da Vinci Code

Have you ever read "The Da Vinci Code" written by Dan Brown? if "not yet", I think you must read now. It's book is good. If you don't like read novel, I think you can watch the film of that book. I have in my laptop.
And yesterday, I watched the film. I haven't read the novel, I think I need much time to read it. And when I knew my friend have the film. I asked to her, because I wanted to watch the film at holiday.

may be if you don't like to watch the thriller film, it's will so boring. because I like thriller film so much. I excite so much.

I will tell you the synopsis. there is a secret who is saved by someone, but there are many people want to know his secret. But he don't the other people know about the secret, because that he is killed by misterious man. In the other scene, there is man with nama Robert Langdon. And I think, he is very cool because he can read all symbol in the world (yaa .. I don't know what will I say, he very cool). Before the man dead, he write a message in floor. And then, there is woman, her name is Sophie. because that message, they must solve the code who was give by the man, and in real he is Sophie's grandfather. Many accident when they look for the code to solve the secret. And finally ......... "SECRET"

you must watch this film. I think you won't regret if you watc this film.
Ok ..

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