nostalgia :)

nice day if I spend to sleep, hehhehehe. I decided to go new home which still empty (no equipments there) and sleep in there. I thought, in my renthouse was too hot. I took my bag with my equipments inside, because i wanted to take a bath in there (read: in my renthouse, there weren't water to take bath). but if I arrived in there, I just wanted to watching movie and then I felt asleep and then I sleep, hoaaaammhhh ...

oh ya, before that, I was talking with my friends about "open fasting together" via SMS . ya .. because I sleep, I couldn't to continue our talking. until, my handphone was rang and when I saw, there was calling from robliana.

"today, this evening?????? what's time now? ... 5 o'clock" (glekkk)

my god, I hadn't done something. How about this?
then, I prepared myself quickly, immediately ...
after this ..
THERE WAS AN ACCIDENT (and make me bad mood, and I think, I need not to tell that accident in here)

finally, I was arrived in KLENGER BURGER at akses UI street. and then we (me and robliana) waited puput and dela (they had a little time to gether with me and other friends at that time). I spent my money in there (no .. no aisyi, couldn't)

MENU for Open Fasting Today :

Alhamdulillah ... yummmyyyy .. :)
but, thank you for all. I'm very happy because I can gether with you.
someday, we must gether again, do something together. may be watching movie, travelling, shopping or may be just window shopping. that's OKAY gals ...

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