Saturday, August 20, 2011

Open Fasting with GYCENTIUM

hi, come back with aisyi again ... I feel, this so long time I never write in my lovely blog. Ya .. because I'm busy with examination or Block Test (yesterday was block test week). I hope, you want to pray for me about my score .. :)

Ok, I want to tell you about "BUPATAN (Buka Puasa Bareng Angkatan)" or Open Fasting with our Graders, that is GYCENTIUM CREDAS DISORATOR.

wednesday, 10th of August 2011

committe of IFun, that is the event when Ramadhan give time for us to held open fasting together, and the time at wednesday, 10th of August 2011.
After ashar prayer, there was announce for us "assalamu'alaikum wr. wb, to all member of Gycentium credas disorator, please come to ceremonial field right now, because the event will be start".
ya .. you know, all member of gycen, especially for girl is LAZY to MOVE or we usually call MAGER. because that, the event wasn't held on time. And of course, I was coming late :), hehhhehhehe. when I arrived, the event was starting.

there were some event, there are:


gycentium is devided become two groups that is boys and girls. And the MC will give some question and the reperesentative from each group will answer, and of course before that they must ask their groups.
the question was based on survey from FORANZA SILNOVA or second grade in IC. the questions are;
- Apa yang biasa dilakukan di kamar mandi?
- Siapa anak Gycen yang paling cocok jadi MC Take Me out?
- Dimana tempat paling nyaman di masjid?
- Apa yang biasa dilakuka anak IC kalo di labsis (laboratorium siswa)?

and the most important from this game is there will be "TUMBAL" if there was group aswered the wrong aswered. the peopele who become "tumbal" will stand under balloon which contain floor, so if their representative have the wrong aswer. the committe of this game will jab the balloon with needle and the floor will fall on the "tumbal" head. LIKE THIS !!!

riri and nida' gud luck yaaa :)

Baby don't cry :)

2. after the game was finished, we take some picture ...


3. and next, the boardmember of GYCENTIUM put a botol in center of us and then rotated the botol until it stop and then intended to someone in there and he would given one question and he must answer honestly ....

who was there?

fortunately, the botol wasn't intended me, :)

yeay ... ADZAN :)
it was time for open fasting.
"Allahuma lakasumtu wabika amantu wa'ala rizqiqa aftortu birahmatika ya arhamarrohimin"
Aaaaaaammmmiiiiiinnnnnn .........

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