Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something That Unique in Lebaran Day

What's something that unique in lebaran day?. What is different between monday and lebaran day?. Ya .. may be you're right that nothing special or unique in lebaran's day. But that's not true for me. I want to tell you about my activities (my family's activities) today, 1 Syawal 1432 H. Oh ya, before that I want to say:
Happy Ied Mubarrok
Minal 'Aidin Wal Faizin
May Allah accept our worship during Ramadhan, Amin ...

Alhamdulillah, Finally, Idul Fitri has came after debate that "when will Idul Fitri is held?". We aren't feel that lebaran has came after we were fasted in Ramadhan. So, What is activities that I and my big family will do in lebaran day?. CHECK THIS OUT !!!
1. Mudik/ Homecoming
Beuh .. I was "mudik", Who say that I wasn't "mudik"?. Of course, I was Mudik!! But went to Jakarta, hehehheheh. But, something that important that I went to my grandmother's house in Cimanggis and Jakarta and gethered with my big family :)

me and my cousins

2. Kue Lebaran/ Lebaran Cookies
This's it that I have found rarely in the other day. So, when we can to eat "nastar" or "GEPLAK BAKAR", usually I call that cookies with KUE BAKAR (remembered with Qonita's article for bahasa subject matter! I tried that cookies Qon. and I think that's delicious, althought a little hard, Qon, hehehhehheh).

"Tadi aku sama sepupu-sepupu aku yang lain ngabisin kue 4 toples, ckckckkc. kayaknya kita laper+doyan deh!!"

para tersangka utama :)

"Aku suka banget sama cokelat yang isinya wafer di rumah nya-nya Sal (aduh .. bener gak tuh yaa. Mudah-mudahan bener deh!0. Itu enak, Cokelatnya banyak,hihi"

3. Keliling ke Rumah Saudara/ went to my family's houses
Of course, this schedule will be held. Surely in lebaran, I and my father's family will gether and aftre that went to the other family's houses. because I have a big family, truly I don't understand "ini siapa?" atau "itu siapa?". I think, I always go to there every year, but I can't remember who?

4. THR
This's so important to (not Tugas hari Raya, but Tunjangan Hari Raya). I think, a few years ago, that was important, of course. But now, if I'm given, I will happy. And if I'm not given, that's no problem. It's different with a few last years. :)

In conclusion, lebaran is different with the other day. Although I wasn't "mudik" but lebaran in my family is happy. Although, I don't know who are they? something that's important that I can gether with my family. Jangan sia-siain waktu ngumpul bareng keluarga kali :)

maaf ya, kalo ada inggris aku yang ngaco. agak aneh emang!! :(

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