Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ta'jil Competition at XII NS 3

OK, when Ramadhan there were many compepetition. ones of them, that is cook ta'jil (food for open fasting) competition. committe of this event give the participant or each class money for buy ingredients about fifty thousand rupiachs. and the theme was:

what's strang my class!!! and what's funny my class!!!
we think that didn'gt use the money for buy the class said: "kenapa kita gak beli martabak aja, langsung aja beli yang enak!! hehehehhehe"
PARAH banget dah :)

just speak ... in the fact !!!! :)

yaaa .. finally, we bought some ingredients and not connected with theme: SINGKONG. we bought BANANA with reason we didn't get SINGKONG (alasan aja sih :))

tika said: "yang penting enak dan kita seneng, kalo gak ada singkong langsung aja beli pisang"
ckckckckckck, GOMEN ne :)

ya .. finally, we made fried chocholate banana: banana with chocholate was fried with 'lumpia".

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