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Remedial Test os History

I believed, I would do remedial for history subject matters. And reality, I might do remedial test, hiks. At Wednesday, chairman of XII NS 3 told me about a people who get remedial test and of course in his list, there was my name.

"Remedialnya suruh bikin artikel tentang reformasi. Dikumpulin besok(kamis) dalam bentuk file, pake bahasa Inggris, dikumpulin ke ketua kelas dan paling lambat jam 09.00"

Glekkkk .. I never think that I might collect article for remedial test after wednesday (thursday). And I didn't want to do the article at wednesday night, because thursday, there was 3rd chemistry test and if I would get good score, I must study hard. So I didn't make article.

Next day, I very confused, we know because at the day (thursday), the article might collect to each chairman. But, I hadn't typed anything. I tried to do a little(use english, huifht:(). I think, If the article hadn't finished, I would have be patient. But in reality,
I could, and I finished at 9 to 5 minutes, ckckckckc ..
without waiting for a long time, I went to WAKAMAD office, immediately, and then collect that.
Alhamdulillah ..

And this is my article (just copy and paste from book, hehheheh):

Reformation of Law of Republic Indonesia
By Kamilah Aisyi - 3300015

Reformation in Indonesia was held because there was problem in new order of government, Soeharto. Then, make people of Indonesia didn’t enjoy (there was something wrong during his power and then demanded the government, actually President Soeharto to retire from the function as president of Republic Indonesia.
May be, new order was under government with the president Soeharto has succeed. He could increase economics. But, construction as icon of government of new order, in reality make some people felt the government didn’t care with them. In another side, the construction has made business full of corruption.
In politics, the government of new order had a way to create stabilitation which their wanted, one of them that made Golkar as “machine of politics”. And then Golkar always became the winner when they had PEMILU. And then, Golkar make that chance to make their power eternally.

Chronology the government of new order fell
About 1997, there was PEMILU and much argument which didn’t agree if president Soeharto became president of Republic Indonesia. Golkar as the winner of PEMILU at 1997 made Soeharto became candidate of president of Republic Indonesia and then Soeharto was chose again by people. With Soeharto became president of Republic Indonesia again, made people, actually sophomore demanded the government to do the reformation, that are:
1. Dissolve new order and Golkar
2. Delete two functions of ABRI
3. Delete corruption
4. Make The law, human rights, and democration well
Until, much sophomore in Jakarta, demo to government and demand the president to retire from his function as President of Republic of Indonesia. The climax of reformation movement at 12th of Mei 1998, when the students of Trisakti University made riot and gave sacrifice they were Elang Mulya Lesmana, Hery Hartanto, Hendriawan Sie, dan Hafidhin Royan.
This condition more complicated because Rupiah value was weak to dollar of America. Until 17.000/dollar. Finally, President Soeharto retired from the function of President of Republic Indonesia at 21th of Mei 2011, actually at 09.00 WIT in front of Supreme Court and was changed by B.J. Habibie.
Many change that was done by president B.J. Habibie. One of them was about the law. Many the law that was made by president Soeharto was deleted by president B.J. Habibie or the other word was change by the other law. There were 12 decision and from 12 decision, they are 4 decision which show about the working to complete the demand of reformation. They are:
  1. Tap No. VII/MPR 1998 about witdrawl Tap No. IV/MPR 1983 about referendum which keep UUD 1945 from someone who want to change that. With witdrawl that decision, UUD 1945 can be changed.
  2. Tap No. XVIII/MPR/1998 about witdrawl Tap No. II/MPR/1978. With this decision, then Pancasila isn’t strong as first factor and finally all society and politics organizations don’t have to make Pancasila as one asas of organization.
  3. Tap No. XII/MPR/1998 about witdrawl Tap No. V/MPR/1998. With this deciding, then special task which is given to President by MPR to do something more of the law is camceled.
  4. Tap No. XIII/MPR/1998 about delimitation time for function as President and vice of President, maximal just 2 period. With this decision, there isn’t president is who get the power, like Soeharto who get the power until 7 years.
Because that, until now the decision still can to organize the government of Indonesia who is lead by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2th period (the last period as President of Indonesia). Generally, the efforts that the government doing isn’t still maximal. This is because there are many problems which is faced by Indonesia, so that will be impossible if that is finished during short time.

I'm sorry, if they are mistakes in my english ..

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