Sunday, October 02, 2011

TETA: Guest Star at Opening GAKIC 2011-2012

Ehm .. Ehm ..
Who was the general winner form gakic 2010-2011? I think, of course you know ......
yes, that was ........................
or XI NS 2, and because that we was invited by the commitee of GAKIC 2011-2012 to come to opening GAkic 2011-2012. before that, do youo know about GAKIC? Gakic is event of OSIS Insan Cendekia Boarding School that is held every year, that is sport competition for each class, so they will do the competition to the other class and then is found the winner from the match (so many competition in GAKIC, example: football, badminton, basketball, ect).

And as known as, my class (XI NS 2) was the winner of GAKIC last year. so last night, we was invited to come to opening GAKIC and then gave the cup to the commitee of GAKIC, actually to a chief ogf GAKIC event.

may be, I didn't know what we did, last night? I only saw them and then said "ckckckkck". And you know, I was confuse when I see that the boys of TETA became more than usual. wow .... who was the other boy, not my classmate!!!

NO .. NO ... NO .....
the cup would give to the commitee and we don't want, the conclusion was we were so make noisy in the field of Opening Ceremony of GAKIC ......
so cool ya, XI NS 2 with the girls with a word "MAGER" could be the winner .. :)

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