The Hunger Games

gue mau nge-posting satu tulisan hari ini sebelum besok gue ballik ke IC dan persiapan buat UN+SNMPTN. Jadi, today I've watched THE HUNGER GAMES-the movie. I've waited that movie for a long time. I think I'm late to read the novel several weeks ago. But my target is I have to read the book before the film was launched. And I've read the novel :)

So, this film is told us about a country in north america, that's Panem which have capital city with the name Capitol. In several years ago, there's "pemberontakan" in district 13, so that district 13 "dihancurkan". To remember that, every year there will be "The Hunger Games" to make people believe that Capitol has power. So this film is told when the tribute (yang terpilih) form district 12, that is Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark do the hunger games.
And this film is si cool, and I like this film. And I think youo must watched this film and read the novel too, because of course the novel is good too (I think better than the fillm)

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