Korean Drama: Playful Kiss

One day, my friend recommended this drama to me --> Ok, this drama isn't new drama (is about 2010). And because that, I like this drama so much. This drama has genre romantic-comedy, PLAYFUL KISS, so this drama is funny and of course romantic (I like that, hehheheh). The video that I put in this post is first episode of special session, it's mean, this video isn't a normal drama, just adding video after a normal video. The important thing that an actor is so handsome. Yaaa .. Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo is so handsome.

wish you will interest to watch it, hehheheh :)

1 comment:

  1. aisyi aisyi... ternyata lo juga suka toh hahaha
    kalo di indosiar judulnya naughty kiss tapi isi cerita nya sama aja kok kaya playfull kiss..
    malahan di indosiar udah 2x di puter(sekarang lagi di puter jam 12 siang)
    gue juga suka sama film ini (^_^)