Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Love Saturday

Oh my God, tomorrow is monday [AGAIN]. feel like want to everyday become saturda, not sunday like my blog's title. Yap, because my weekend day isn't sunday, but saturday right now. I feel like don't want to do anything when saturday coming. So, I think, I wanna change my blog's title with " EVERYDAY IS SATURDAY" (?) haha .. i don't like sunday, because tomorrow is monday .. I will think again !!

Studio at Friday: spent our rest time
I'm trust !! I need more time to do something about my life except my studio's life (exactly, my life is my studio, now). Everyday, only think about "TASK", "TASK, and "TASK. It's trust, when I wake up, I'm thinking about my task. I start to don't have anything time for sleep. Bye .. sleep time ..
OK .. It's the end. Finally, I give my time (not much) to write my activities now.
I'm gonna do another campus task again, after full day I did "TEKBANG" (Tekologi Bangunan)'s task, next stop .. METOPER (Metode Perancangan)'s task, and then prepare for big problem for tomorro: PAI 1 (Perancangan Arsitektur Interior 1)

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