Well, I try to search some theorist about how to act in the social scope, or another thing which is related but it will take much time. And I refuse to make this a new posting become a plan. I searched people or figures who is famous with their social thoughts. There are so many names and I need to know them more and ya! it will take much time, I leave it. I only remember one name with many thought which one of his thought I used and tried to be understood for my bachelor thesis. Michael Foucault, in  a very first web that I've opened when I typed "the famous person with social theorist" in the holy google, they've wrote his name in 6th from 10 influential sociologists of the 20th century. In short way, I searched what Foucault thought about sociology. I don't want to discuss, agree or disagree with his thoughts but I wanna know that what will I share isn't a feeling which is needed to be shared, in the end they doesn't mean anything.

I use the easy way to cite. It will be from a website http://www.michel-foucault.com/concepts/ and I don't find about the website for furthermore. The title is "being a nice", it my fleeting thought, my suddenly question, "how being nice to people?" "is every people has a different way for being nice to others?" "have we to make it general as the people around did?" "what is nice?" "what is nice people?" "will be a list for being a nice people?" and many many more. Could you help me for answer with some theorists?

If we talk about 'being nice', one thing that will be connected is an ethics. We have been related with some ethics, to act, to speak, ect. I got a concept about 'ethics' which Foucault thought and it has been simplified in that website. Wrote:

thics concerns the kind of relation one has to oneself. The essential condition for the practice of ethics is freedom, the ability to choose one action, not another. Foucault makes a distinction between moral codes (which are simply collections of rules and precepts) and ethics. He suggests there are four aspects to how the individual constitutes him/herself as the moral subject of his or her own actions. The first aspect relates to the part of the individual which acts as the focus of moral conduct. The second aspect concerns what makes an individual recognize their moral obligations. The third aspect relates to the means by which individuals transform and work on themselves. The fourth aspect concerns what sort of person an individual might want to be.

The sentence that I underlined that ethics is freedom and we have an ability to choose. Foucault said that moral and ethics are different. So, what is moral and how it takes role to my topics in this posting? I think it will be perfectly related.

We are a social creatures, we need others to life. We stop to discuss that concept and believe it. In a real, I agree with that concept because I realize that I've never couldn't live without others' help. So, I got the point about why I need to be a nice to others. I don't need to ask why 'being nice' is important to understand. For you who still believe that you can live without others' help, it will be an exception and you can share what you've been thought.

In my own thought about moral and ethic, after read that paragraph, is that ethic is rule, many rules, which we can choose to believe and use it to act. It will be depended to where we live, where we born, and with who we live, correct me if I'm wrong. Moral is the value. It's depend to how you want to be. Foucault said there are four aspects to how we as an individual constitutes ourselves as the subjects with moral in every inch of our life. First, is related to how we act as ourselves, I mean we have own ways and character. This aspect is the reason why I make this simple thing to be a posting in a blog. I think it cause I thought that people have problems with my character which is cold, little bit arrogant, shy, ect. Believe it! you will found my real character soon, haha. I don't know and I don't like my character, but I think I found it is hard to change. I hope I will found other way to solve in the next point. Second is concerns about how we realize their 'moral obligation'. It means we have to be nice to others, right?. We are a social creatures who can't live without others' help. The others will help us if we act nice to them. And I found the other supported reason about why it has bothered me so much. I feel so exhausted to solve by myself. The next point, Foucault said that it will be related to how we constitute and transform ourselves. It means, I have to change (?). In the sentence before I've confirmed that it is hard to change, how? and how? and how?. It seems I need something or maybe many things to help me. Ya, it because the last point is talked that about my worries about my surroundings might think about me and what I might to be. Individuals who constitutes themselves as moral subjects will concern to a sort person of individual might want to be.

In almost the end of my posting, I still haven't solutions about "being nice". I always know that "being nice" is important, I always try, but I don't know it has worked or not. And em ... yap .. let me know what other people do for being nice and what I can learn. See you in the next posting

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