Art installation is defined as a work of art that usually consists of multiple components often in mixed media and that is exhibited in a usually large space in an arrangement specified by the artist (cited from merriam-webster dictionary). It can be developed as a tools to deliver messages to people who see the installation. The artist or installation designer has an issue in around which could be developed to the idea of installation. Implicitly, the installation message is consisted to reminder people about what happened and how we will do with that issue. Visually, it will be attract people and then remain the people and change their mindset. SPECTACLE is an installation project which I and my partner, Fitria, have done for submitting to Galeri Nasional Exhibition with the title is "REST AREA - Perupa Membaca Indonesia". The idea is related to the brief which the exhibition will be held as a simulation of rest area and it will represent condition in Indonesia nowadays.

The idea was came from what issue which is have to be remained as the problem and it has disturbed journey of Indonesia to be better country. We try to read the condition of Indonesia and the aim of Indonesia in the future. We have been realized that Indonesia has great potential to be powerful country. We have many beautiful spots where we could not get in other country. But there are many things that bother us to be focus for exploring them or in other word Indonesia is easy for being distracted to the goals. Lets say, we have corruption things everywhere whereas in other side of this country still need help and big change that can be did with all money which corrupt-or(s) took from us. The key to change is not how KPK arrest them all, but we think how people mindset in Indonesia is changed.
The Installation is came from the study of how Indonesian's mindset, how they think about their country as well. We interpreted that mindset of Indonesian is prone to be affected then be provocation of bad condition in Indonesia. Many information is caused disunity like today condition, we think it is because people still have bad mindset. We mean that they still could not process the information that they hear or see. The education for the reaction of information is still not understood by the people. Information has to be selected or filtering to avoid the mistake. The process of filtering or selection could help people found the main thing which we have concern to it. That thing will help Indonesian to get their aim back.
The vertical lines in the installation and the lamps which are connected to the lines describe information. We have to be careful while seeing which is blurred causing by the lines. That is filtering process which we would be focus to the irregular composition. Lamp represent energy which is still being a potential of Indonesian. We bring the message that we have to remain that we have many potential energy to be explored and we have to be focus to see what kind of energy and how to explore that.

S P E C T A C L E Installation by Aisyi+Fitria

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