Sunday, March 26, 2017


I just realize that I never post this work/my college work to my portfolio's blog. Okay, let's post it to my blog! The idea or the brief from my teachers was about "Transient Dwelling", what is that? Ya, first we need to understand about the brief generally at least to transform the brief to be our design next. I don't remember that at much, I just got that people in nowadays in globalization is very mobile. So that home is not always as a place where we live now or we know as house. It could be somewhere that we could get comfort there. It can be office, restaurant, cafe, or anything that is categorized as hospitality.
The project was continued to research the site which the teachers gave to us. It was an office building where we had to redesign it to be a hospitality that suited to the issues analysis in around the site. I and my group got the PHE Tower in Jalan TB Simatupang as our site. As the brief, we have to design a hospitality that would accommodate the transient people, that we know as a hotel. We could chose what kind of hotel that we would design, but it depend on the issue that we found on the site of course. Mine was PHE Tower is located in one of business district in Jakarta and to reach the building we have to across the traffic and it is so exhausted. So, I proposed the hospitality that could provide a place for business man or women to work and take a rest as well. The idea was about how make the design is looked like the opposite from the outside which is so much traffic. The design will be so clean and simple. The color of white and black would be the main color to neutralized the guest feeling.

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