Sunday, July 16, 2017


Being the only daughter in a family is boring, sometimes. I often get an envy for whoever could share many things with a sister such as your everyday stories even your outfits from top to toe. On the other hand I have two brothers and that does not mean unpleasant things. There will be many fun things also that you could do with brothers in different way. Eid Al Fitr or Lebaran always be a moment to meet sisters (cousins) and do "girl's things" that I couldn't do with my brothers. Taking many photos together was being a joyful things to do for us, me and my sister, Lala. Her full name Maulida Akmala, she was born eight months after me and it made us live in the same age. She was my soulmate after born and years by years later. In every family gathering, we both always stay together, they said that we always stick together "I am there, she will be there, and also to the contrary". It is funny that I found we have lived for 22 years together and we have many memorable things to share up then until we grow old.


I was wearing Top and Culotte from Gaudi, Shawl from Zytadelia, and Shoes from Forever21
My sister was wearing Top from Annisacht
XOXO - us

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