Wednesday, December 27, 2017


This was my assignment from a class when I was an architecture student. I post this because it suddenly came to my mind. The name of class is 'Everyday and Architecture' which is in the class, we have discussed about everyday life and its related to an architecture life. Everyday life is a common life, we do it everyday, it is habitual and somehow we do not realize how important is or how it giving us affect, ect. Through this class, we learn about practice of everyday life which is common but if they disappear, it will doesn't mean anything. One of topic that we discussed is about origin. As an assignment to complete mid-term, we were asked to create one thing from our origin. Yes, every student in the class is came from different origin. Even they raised in Jakarta, a big city with an acculturation in it, each them should be taught with different culture as their parent's origin. I, actually have raised in Jakarta and all of my family is growth in Jakarta also. It was hard to found the thing that is came from my origin and I could show the process of making it on the class. Like I have written in my report, I was asked my cousin that she has been living in the neighborhood where my parents, my aunties, may uncles, and also me when I was a kid lived. Most of people that living in that neighborhood have lived there for a long time, even from their grand-grand parents and now they have children. I was thinking about making a thing that I have seen in when someone holding a wedding ceremony. It is called 'Kembang Uang' because the shape resemble the flower but it has money as a flower. Ordinarily, the host of the wedding will provide 'Kembang Uang' to family members or guests who has came to the ceremony. I remember it well, when I was a kid, I have experienced to get one of 'Kembang Uang' and it was struggled to get that. Actually, it was fun and it was one of memorable thing that I have before in this time we hard to find that culture easily. That assignment from the class gave us a learning to aware about our culture, our origin. Simple but that thing has created our society, with or without we realized. :)

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