Thursday, October 11, 2018


“I walked out from my office about 7 p.m. and I found dark in every building that I passed. I decided to turn around for buying some candles instead I sit in the dark at my room but there wasn’t any candle left in every store. I kept searching until the light turn on again. Yeah! Thank you for asking me.”

“New Maja House (going project) is on a technical drawing process and I am still working on that phase. The drawing is so complicated. Sometimes it is very hard to solve a problem but I am excited to make this project perfect. Thank you for asking me.”

“I ate a cake, the name is Apple Crust and I was thinking about to learn baking someday soon. Thank you for asking me.”

“Do you know, I am wondering how my 7th November will be? I plan to do nothing and hide from the world, I mean in the social media’s world. I think there is no one want to celebrate that day and it will be just a number is added in my life. What do you think? Haha. Thank you for asking me.”

“I am very happy one of friend sent me a message that asking me for hanging out on this Saturday with others. Feel that they remember that I am still here, haha. Thank you for asking me!”

“Suddenly I am very sad when I saw one of friend’s videos updated. I was calling out my desire for going a match in Asian Games but I couldn’t. There was no one want to go or respond me. Then I started to ask myself how this couldn’t be happened many times. In some moments, I always ask someone for doing something or going somewhere then I found he/she go or do the thing by themselves or with their friends. Then I am only me and myself. Poor me! Anyway thank you for asking me!”

“I think I am an introvert but in many times I am desperate for being alone. So, am I really an introvert? What do you think? Thank you for asking me.”

“I always wait for AsNTM in every Thursday. I like for fangirling Dana from Thailand. She is beautiful, cool, and swag, haha. I love her appearance and I vote her to be the next AsNTM. Do you enjoy that reality show? I want to talk about Dana more or your favorite one if you want. Thank you for asking me.”

“Do you know I start to be a melancholy when I added another paragraph of this segment. But I should to be happy because finally I found a way to share my anxiety to something instead of I am doing this alone. I want to tell you that I realize I have a hard time to share any stories in my life. I feel that I should to hear every story that my friends want to share, make them not to be sad after tell their problem to me. Then our time together has done so I couldn’t tell any problem to them. But I think it is okay I still can solve by myself at that time. It’s okay, I am alright and thank you for asking me!”

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