Wednesday, February 20, 2019


For me, hearing music or a song is more than enjoying the harmonious key, but I need to understand the meaning behind the song, the whole parts of a song that is became the best composition of music. While I hear a song, I also listen to the lyrics and its relation to the melody. I want to know how the music expresses the idea of lyrics and for sure knowing what the writer or singer told me about the story of the song. I always interested with a ‘plot-twist’ song. I mean there are some songs that have a sad story, yet the music is composed happily. I think it will be helpful for raising the mood up in a day. It will tell us that a sad story can be pleasant story if we think about it in positive way. Today, all songs from Tulus were in my favorite. It really made my day is better, also the lyrics is very good. Today’s favorite is ‘Labirin’ or Labyrinth.

courtesy Youtube - Tulus (Labirin) Official Lyric Video

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


There is a moment when I feel like … alone. I didn’t know what would I do, also I could not show up my feeling because everyone seems too far. I ended up crying. I always tell Him that I feel lonely but I think He has giving me the best scenario in this life. I should walk happily with that, no matter what. I’ve got a solution by made the day after is always busier than yesterday, so I could forget my anxiety. It was the best solving so far, I have not found the other yet. I don’t want to tell you about this thing but I easily get sad if I saw someone that I know hanging out with their friends while I am just here by myself. I know, it is not good, but again … why I am alone here?

The worst line that I hate is the difficulties to get other opinion or suggestion about a thing that I am doing. Likewise I am running in the circle, I couldn’t go out. For sure, I need a help. Nor if I had troubles in a day, I ended up lying on my bed, pretending there was not anything happened. In some parts, that works. How about the other? I am not sure.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Semenjak gue suka publish bahwa gue anak arsitektur interior UI (gak disengaja sebenarnya karena tujuannya karena suka menulis aja diblog as daily life) ditambah lagi waktu itu sempet diajak bikin youtube bareng sama adik kelas gue. Jadi banyak sekali yang dm (direct message) ke Instagram menanyakan semua hal-hal berhubungan dengan persiapan masuk Arsitektur Interior UI. Sejujurnya gue senang bisa membantu orang-orang tetapi somehow gue lelah ditanya-tanya dengan hal yang sama, literally. Tapi gue gak menyalahkan orang-orang yang tanya karena wajar sih akan ada banyak orang yang bertanya dengan pertanyaan seputaran itu-itu aja. Ada salah satu pertanyaan yang mengusik untuk dirangkum jawabannya, yaitu :

“Kak, kalau sekolah arsitektur nanti prospek kerjanya gimana sih?”

“Nanti kalau lulus kerja dimana kak?”

“Prospek kerja setelah lulus banyak gak sih kak?”

Dan sebagainya yang notabene mengarah ke hal yang sama, jadi mari kita diskusi disini. 

Monday, October 29, 2018


“We start our Monday with the terrible news, a plane from Lion Air company was informed lost contact 13 minutes after took off. There is 189 people include the pilot and other staffs. They crashed the sea in the north of Java Island. Actually, I feel so wistful, most of them are people who had just spent time with their family in the weekend before and then they want to go back to the town where they work in Pangkal Pinang. I just feel that way and know better why Monday morning is the best choice for taking a flight and for other transportation option too. I always do the same thing when I go back to Bandung after spending a weekend at home in Depok. Monday at 5 am, for sure I will continue my sleep in car/travel from Depok-Bandung. The reason is simple, just because we want to spend more time with family, even just get some rest at home will be a mood booster for working back tomorrow. This morning was different and I am sure I can’t imagine if someone that I know or I love is in that plane. I always wish today is never going to be happened. Stay strong for all relative of Lion Air’s passenger, I hope there will be a miracle for you all.

Friday, October 26, 2018


Bangun pagi dan terdengar suara-suara halus seperti ada aktivitas di dapur. Siapa lagi kalau bukan nyokap, si mama? Sepertinya sedang masak besar karena dari dalam kamar udah kedengeran pergerakan di dapur cukup intens.

“Oh, this is weekend. I wanna get more sleep, just 10 minutes more, please!”

Haha taunya 1 – 2 jam kemudian, itu yang gue lakukan setelah kebangun dan walaupun gue mendengar nyokap lagi masak, I am sorry ma. Later, setelah benar-benar bangun mulai tercium bau-bau santan yang dikukus. Nasi uduk.  Mama sedang masak nasi uduk berarti hari ini ada seseorang di rumah yang sedang merayakan sebuah hari besar, entah ulang tahun, anniversary, atau tanda syukur lainnya.